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Gain Insider Information and

Earn Rewards at 101 Business

101 Business Insights is an exciting new business portal featuring expert content in 21 business specialisms.

and gets you direct access to over a 1000 insights. The site is packed with user-friendly info graphics and bite-sized portions of content so you don’t have to read through fluff to get to an A-Z of business information and advice.

101 Business Insights –

a networking site with a difference

101 Business Insights is the first business networking site that rewards members for their time and input. As a member you get real, asset-backed rewards for commenting, posting or even simply hanging out at the site. It’s our way of thanking you for engaging with and growing the network, and for being part of the most vibrant business community on the net.

101 Business Insights is especially aimed at

for FREE membership

and get immediate access to a wealth of specialist business information

and opinion from experts in their field.

There’s no lengthy forms to fill in -

It takes just seconds to register and

start earning real, tangible rewards.

Business Insights –

something for everyone in business

101 Business Insights is the go-to business portal for anyone involved in business today. Whether you’re an MBA graduate in search of that perfect job or an experienced MD looking for information on the latest trends, 101 Business Insights is a site designed for you.

How does the reward system work?

At 101 Business Insights you get rewards on all levels. Sign up and you can instantly get to work promoting your business. Gain insider knowledge from experts in other business specialisms so you can take a more holistic approach to your business. Engage and receive ‘Insight points’ – a quantitative way to measure your progress through the ranks.

Insight points translate to ‘insight dollars’, a unique new virtual currency which allows you to purchase consulting services, courses, coaching sessions and more.

Gaining Insight points increases your ranking - once you’ve reached the level of specialist you too can offer you services and get paid in Insight $s.

101 Business Insights even allows you to ultimately cash in your ‘insight dollars for real cash dividends in the company.

Register at 101 Business Insights to

• Engage, reach out and expand your business horizons

• Network and share ideas with those at the top of their game

• Make your down time work for you: Challenge, interact and enjoy

• Apply what you’ve learned and bring it back to the business

• Win recognition from your peers.

• Build a presence and increase your employability

• Get paid for your participation in REAL ASSET-BACKED REWARDS

At 101 Business Insights

we appreciate your time

You don’t need to commit lots of time to earn rewards. Even signing in for a ‘catch up’ earns you rewards. 101 Business Insights is designed to fit in with whatever fits your schedule and aspirations.

to expand your business knowledge and earn real, tangible rewards at 101 Business Insights.

Solving business challenges through insight

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