ID Scanners Are Crucial for Businesses With Age Verification Requirements

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ID Scanners Are Crucial for Businesses With Age Verification Requirements

If your business sells products that cannot be sold to minors such as alcohol, or if you are the owner of a bar or nightclub that cannot allow entry to underage persons, then you need an ID scanner for your business.

ID Scanners Are Crucial for Businesses With Age Verification Requirements:

An ID scanner (also knownas an Age Verifier, or ID Reader) provides 100% accurate age verification of a patron’s State issued Driver’s License or ID Card. The best ID scanners do not need to be connected to a computer for operation, and they are easy to use and lightweight mobile devices.

TheViage CAV-3200 is our top pick ID scanner because it reads State issued IDs and Drivers’ Licenses from all 50 States and Canadian provinces. The CAV-3200 is a mobile unit that can easily and accurately read a Driver’s License with a magnetic stripe or 2D barcode for fast and reliable age verification on demand. If your State’s Driver’s License has only a magnetic stripe on the back, then you can get the lower cost Viage CAV-3100. The CAV-3100 ID scanner has all of the same great features as the CAV-3200 except it cannot read 2D barcodes.

Not only can an ID scanner read the age encoded in the Driver’s License it can also give an alert if the ID is expired, and it can capture the address for most State issued IDs if equipped to do so. Both the CAV-3100 and CAV-3200 come with a software utility that allows you to download the scanned data so you can easily keep track of your customers for precise analytics. This scanned data is also especially useful for marketing campaigns such as birthday coupons and loyalty rewards.

Don’t take chances with your business by being fooled with fake IDs or by employee read errors; get an ID scanner and ensure your business is not selling to minors, which will save your business from infractions of the law that result in costly fines and even worse.

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