3 tips to improving your E-mail Marketing Campaign

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3 tips to improving your E-mail Marketing Campaign


We all remember the excitement of using the internet  when it was first introduced to us in the ’90s. The introduction of such a powerful tool would soon bring fundamental changes to our society. Not only has it created new ways of keeping us connected with each other, but has also created an alternative world: the online one. In less than three decades, the Internet is now one of the most valuable tools for today’s society.

Along with the internet, e-mails came along. This new system of sending and receiving mails changed not only our lives, but in the way businesses market their product and services as well. And this is how with the introduction of E-mail, E-mail marketing was born. Within these 30 years, along with the popularity of e-mails, consumers annoyance increased as well. Often consumers are displeased with the considerably high number of e-mail promotions and e-newsletters they receive daily. Unconsolidated e-mails remain as a main concern for marketers that besides others, may risk the image their brand has. As a consequence, today’s emails often end up in the junk folder and result to often being unsuccessful. This leads to a controversy of the effectiveness of e-mails as a marketing tool.

However, this issue does not seem to stop businesses from using e-mail marketing, and it is not suggested to do so either. E-mail marketing has the ability to generate very high return on Investments (Bawm und Nath 2014). Were you aware that E-mail even today can generate nearly two times return compared to other social media channels?  (Direct Marketing Association and Smart Data Collective).

E-mail marketing is one of the cheapest marketing campaigns that if done correctly can not only boost your revenues, but can also strengthen your relationship with your customers.  Conversely, collecting the necessary information to reach such objectivities is often challenging. What makes an e-mail effective is reaching the right customers, at the right time and by providing them with the right information.

While digitalisation is advancing, so are consumers expectations and demands. Today, thanks to technological advances, businesses can deliver targeted and personalised newsletters to build and maintain relationships with customers (Boyer und Werner 2012). While many companies stick to traditional e-mail marketing approaches, other successful companies are using many tools to target the right consumers, and send messages that appeal best to their chosen audience. But what exactly are other businesses doing different? Below we have listed the three main characteristics that successful e-mail marketing campaigns have in common, and that you should immediately include to your own:


The number one cause of Junk E-mails are the unconsolidated e-mails that consumers receive without their consent. Before creating an e-mail marketing campaign, make sure that every e-mail address that you have, is given to you with the owners knowledge. When consumers register to your website, make sure you ask them wether you can send them an e-mail or a newsletter from time to time. Otherwise not only will your e-mail be considered as Junk, but it might put your brands image in risk.



Today, thanks to technological advances, your business has the ability to deliver targeted E-mails. While many companies stick to traditional e-mail marketing approaches, other companies are using many tools to target the right consumers, and send messages that appeal best to their chosen audience. Now Imagine a  male receiving an email about a discount made on dresses. He would most probably delete that email right away.

3. THINK 80/20 

The 80/2o rule is also referred to as the Cocktail rule. That because Cocktails contain only 20% of alcohol, at most. The rest is what proves wether the bar tender is good at mixing drinks in a way that they taste great with the chosen alcohol. The same applies to your E-mail marketing campaign: Only allow your e-mail to have at most 20% of advertisement. Let the rest be an interesting information about a topic that is on your readers interest. Make sure that the topic is connected to the product or service you are selling as well!



3 thoughts on “3 tips to improving your E-mail Marketing Campaign

  1. Avatar of Rozy JaretRozy Jaret

    Great article and tips… Though I am not an entrepreneur or in sales and marketing, but as an audience point of view I must say that its so true, I will be least interested in mails and newsletters which I have not subscribed to or which contain mostly advertisements.

  2. Avatar of Andre JankowitzAndre Jankowitz

    Thanks for sharing Jonada, What would you say is the best frequency with which to email opt-in members?. Daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly? Assuming that you don’t have a means of allowing them to configure this option for themselves.

    1. Avatar of Jonada GjoniJonada Gjoni Post author

      Daily emails tend to be very disturbing for the audience and are therefore not recommended. However depending on the industry and how successful past campaigns have been, it is suggested that e-mail marketing campaigns should fall within the frequency range of weekly and monthly.

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