Business Decision Making With Bono’s Six Thinking Frames

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Business Decision Making With Bono’s Six Thinking Frames

Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Frames

Edward De Bono’s book Six Frames: For Thinking About information addresses the way their people think in the process of business decision making – a key point of leverage in most businesses.  Edward De Bono’s book Six Frames: For Thinking About information provides a framework for understanding this.  Six Thinking Frames is built on his earlier book that some of you may remember, The Six Thinking Hats.

The essence of the Six Thinking Frames method is that we have different ways of thinking and both as individuals and groups we often get stuck on the particular ways we feel comfortable with.  Even as a society we have been taught ways of thinking, based on making moral judgments versus critically thinking where multiple perspectives are used to determine the truth or reality of the situation first.  By separating your thinking into six distinct categories you avoid getting stuck in limited and poor ways of thinking allowing you to make decisions by adequately considering all points of view and all available information. Additionally by following the six frame process you can logically move through the different views in a way that flows.

The six thinking frames for business decision making are:

1.Purpose, clarity Triangle frame where the three corners represents answers to the questions why?, where?, what?
2.Accuracy, credibility of information Circle frame
3.Alternative points of view Square frame
4.Identify interests, motivators Heart frame
5.Value(s) of the information Diamond frame
6.Outcomes and conclusions Slab (rectangle) frame

A slide deck I found that illustrates the Six Thinking Frames can be found here

By asking and answering open ended questions (see my article on creating leverage with questions here) within these frames you have a powerful way to “keep it real” allowing your business to be nimble and make decisions that are responsive to its real environment. Next time you have an important decision and/or meeting consider applying the Six Thinking Frames to help you come to the optimal decisions and conclusions for your business.

by Rob Pilz 2014, Copyright Revelation Business Solutions Ltd.

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