Social Media Tips for Building a Social Media Audience

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Social Media Tips for Building a Social Media Audience

Social Media Tips for Building a Social Media Audience

social media tipsSocial Media has given you a direct path to remain intact with you and your market. Having a strong network in the social media allows you to communicate genuinely with the existing potential users. It has become a clear medium to link interaction from minor to major issues or comments. There are many social media tips being prepared to guide you through for your business promotion and some of the very important ones are described below.

Generating valuable audiences for your marketing campaign is difficult and requires advices from those who have been through the phase. In order to leverage huge potential of an engaged online audiences, it is therefore best to begin with some successful social strategies that implemented some best practices for retaining a good number of audience on social media.

So, are ready to explore through the words for social media tips? Here, we begin.

Nothing comes for Free

For those who are not ready to invest social media, here is a tip that nothing can be gained for free and marketing your brand is simply not your expense. Marketing is what you invest for better results. Some Social Media Tips may include that these platforms offer free marketing; this is only a partial truth. Some of them may have offered this but it is not all true. RG Logan, director of strategy at Carrot Creative says, “It’s quite difficult to break through if you’re not putting money behind your efforts.” Even Facebook has admitted that an average brand post is seen only by 16% of the people following you and however, paying for boosting your post is will gain more significant numbers of audiences.

Pick your Platform Wisely

Your business does not require presence in all social platforms. There are many social networking sites available – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and so on. Every Social Media have many things in common but some things are unique and that differentiates it presence online. Certain business will flourish on more visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube; and others may gain more success on Facebook and Twitter. However, visual presence is a must on today’s digital market. The best advice as a social media tips is that it’s always good to watch, analyze and implement rather than a direct jumping and yes, do not just hop into the platforms you are unaware of as you will not have sense regarding its use effectively.

Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Here is another social media tip to attract your audiences who might be your potential customers. It has always been easiest way to seek attention by offering your customers incentives, bonus and discounts. This will give you an opportunity to gain more likes or follow and connect with your business. In fact, it will create brand affinity and people who might have never come across your sites, will go and have a look at your services. Everybody loves the free stuff, don’t you too? But, you need to accept the fact that not every participant in your offers will be a brand loyalist and it depends on you to takeover him towards loyalty in the long term via contents as well as worthwhile experiences.

Follow these general social media tips first to achieve major audiences to your poll. Take small baby steps than jump into the matter with zero knowledge. You will gain significant audiences waiting you to stop by at their doors.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Tips for Building a Social Media Audience

  1. Avatar of Pat DivillyPat Divilly

    I agree 100% with picking your platform carefully. I take the view that you need a presence on the platforms that are used by your target market. In many ways it is like selecting a tradeshow to exhibit at. If your product is for use in the oil and gas industry, you would consider the shows relevant for that industry and would not exhibit and a consumer Holiday and Travel show. Yet, many people ignore this simple logic when selecting social media platforms and tend to pick all the popular ones, whether relevant and not. As a result they don’t do any of them well and a real tell-tale sign is when the last interaction is several months old. Pick the relevant ones, invest the time and resources to do them really well because as Leanne noted “nothing comes for free”.

    1. Avatar of Leanne PeardLeanne Peard Post author

      Thank you for your Comments Pat, I also have to concur that some businesses do not need Social Media at all. It all comes down to the target market you are attracting and the strategy.

  2. Avatar of Amy FrazierAmy Frazier

    I agree with Pat’s earlier comment — and I also like what you say about how just because the social network is free to join, it’s not necessarily free to use, to its best effect at least.

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