5 Social Media Dangers – The Dark Side of Social Networks

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5 Social Media Dangers – The Dark Side of Social Networks

5 Social Media Dangers – The Dark Side of Social Networks

Almost all of us are typically concerned about etiquettes and norms in an offline world. When it comes to online virtual world, many seems to have very little or no concerns regarding social etiquettes ignoring the social media dangers.

Years ago, technology had not allowed people this opportunity to interact with many individuals the way we do it today. Meeting in person or telephone communication used to be the only feasible option. But now, we can sit in front of computer, mobile, tablets and communicate as much you want.

Popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others have given an opportunity to build a social profile in the virtual network. People have changed their way of socialization since its existence.  And people have given these social networking platforms a full control to their lives. Although, social networking sites are extremely beneficial, it cannot remain without having some dark sides – The social media dangers.

Identity Theft

This is one primary social media dangers as all the necessary information regarding you would be posted in these social sites. Due to this, it becomes easy for replication of your online presence and hence identity thieves are up for the task.

A False Sense of Connection

As we plunge into the virtual world, it makes more difficult to distinguish between fake and meaningful relationships. People start taking relationships lightly and our valuable time will be consumed by less important connections whereas the valuable connections will be weakened.


Kids using these platforms may not have idea of the social media dangers. They might have connections or group of peers which includes people from around the world and even move themselves into inappropriate age groups. These social sites are used sexual predators looking for potential victims according to FBI. If teens using social sites have not corrected their privacy settings and is tempted to share images or information online, they might be the victim to a predator who could be posing as a young friend. And if they share some valuable information regarding them and agree to meet them in person, the result might be very worse. Also, 5about 56 percent of teenagers falling between ages 16 and 17 years are likely share their personal information online.

Decreased Productivity

There are many businesses today using social networking sites to relate their business among the individuals or to another business. However, these sites can be a source of distraction to the employees who are more deviated to keep deep interest in what others are doing on their daily lives.  And it’s not just the workers who are more inclined to it, even students who need to study for their career progress are wasting too much of time in it. According to Nucleus Research, Facebook cuts off 1.5 percent office productivity and Morse also claimed that British companies lose 2.2 billion a year on the same trend.

Diminishing Privacy

On the line that many people feel their data is safe on social networking sites, it may not be true. The social media dangers encourages people to be more public about their personal lives. Many social sites regularly update their privacy settings frequently. But, many people may ignore how useful it might become and also some will have difficulties to discover on enabling those settings as per your appropriate level of privacy. Tagging is also an invasion of privacy as it will let people reveal sensitive data.

Thus, it is important to analyze every aspect of technology before using it so that you do not impose the social media dangers onto your shoulders and become a victim. Take care to consult a Social Media Specialist if you are uncertain of any of the above, Get Clear on your intentions when utilising these platforms or any online presence, whether for marketing or personal use.


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