MBAs – Ideal Insights Affiliates Infographic

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MBAs – Ideal Insights Affiliates Infographic

MBAs – Ideal Insights Affiliates Infographic

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MBAs the Ideal Insights Affiliate Infographic


The Purpose of this memo is to entice MBA Graduates to register as Insights Affiliates of and in doing so create a unique value proposition for themselves. The core message being encapsulated within the Value Proposition, set out below.

Section 1: Value Proposition

  1. Problem Statement: Difficult to access Business Insights across multiple disciplines due to too many silo based sites, each with a unique interface
    101 Solution: 101 Business Insights Portal provides a synthesis of Business Insights spanning 21 Business Disciplines, all of which are accessible through a single customizable interface
  2.  Problem Statement: MBAs don’t get acknowledged and rewarded for sharing, commenting and contributing towards the knowledge base of business Insights and Solutions
    101 Solution: Register as Insights Affiliates, collaborate with other members, share comment on existing Insights Affiliates and publish Insights and Solutions under your own name
  3. Problem Statement: It’s difficult to stand out as a thought leaders and demonstrate your ability to implement robust practical business solutions
    101 Solution: By commenting on existing Insights and sharing new ones, MBAs are able to demonstrate their thought leadership and holistic approach to solving traditional business problems

Section 2: What is 101 Business Insights

  1. 101 Business Insights – The go-to portal for multi-disciplinary Business Insights and Solutions
  2. Single Portal – One interface with 1000’s of Business Insights spanning multiple disciplines
  3. Business Insights – Holistic Insights to Business Problems as opposed to traditional silo based solutions

Section 3: 101 Business Insights Community

  1. Members
  2. Insights Affiliates
  3. MBA Insight Affiliates
  4. Affiliate Authors
  5. Solution Affiliates
  6. Business Specialists

Section 4: Benefits

  1. MBAs – MBAs are approved to publish Insights under their own name
  2. On-line Profile – Create and manage Insight Profiles
  3. Activity – Engage with fellow members, join existing teams or start your own
  4. Newsletters –Select topics of interest to be emailed to you from our live feeds
  5. Advanced Search – Search our database by: Business Discipline, Applies to, Skill Level, Relevance and much more…
  6. Social Sharing – Get rewarded for socially sharing content
  7. Commenting – Comment on discussions and get rewarded with Insight Points
  8. Sharing Insights – Share your own Insights, get feedback and earn Insight Points
  9. Key Differentiator – Your Insight portfolio is yours to keep and continue building long after you graduate, a key differentiator in the job market

Section 5: Insight Points & Ranks

  1. Portfolio – The more you engage, the quicker you build your on-line portfolio and earn Insight Points for both yourself and your teams
  2. Insight Rank – MBA Insights Affiliates start with a minimum rank of ‘Advanced’ and can quickly progress through the ranks to Expert, Specialist and finally Guru. An excellent means of out-ranking your peers.
  3. Insight Stars – Accumulate Insight Stars for every Business Discipline with more than 1,000 points and be recognized for your breadth of knowledge.
  4. Insight $’s – Insight Points map to Insight $’s which can be used to purchase consulting services, courses, coaching sessions and much more
  5. Consulting – Once you attain the rank of Specialist, you can offer consulting services to other members in exchange for Insight $’s
  6. Teams – Leverage off the team structure to expand your influence and be able to tender for bigger projects that require specialist knowledge in multiple business disciplines
  7. Cashin – Cash-in your Insight $ for real cash dividends or accumulate to purchase services from fellow members.

Section 7: Business Disciplines

Business Advisory, Business Analytics, Business Tools, Career Development, Change Management, Creating Leverage, Creativity & Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Entrepreneurship, Future Ideas, Internet Security, Knowledge, Technology & Culture, Leadership, Marketing, NLP – Success Coaching, Performance Management, Personal Finance & Investments, Sales, Social Media, Strategy, Systems Thinking

Section 8: Call to Action

Register: Register now as MBA Insights Affiliates to unlock your Insight Score and build your competitive advantage. Best of all it’s free!

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2 thoughts on “MBAs – Ideal Insights Affiliates Infographic

  1. Avatar of Helen L. RobertsHelen L. Roberts

    This INFOGRAPHIC defines the age old saying “a picture tells 1000 words”

    It certainly makes PowerPoint redundant.

    1. Avatar of Andre JankowitzAndre Jankowitz Post author

      It does indeed and if you ever need someone to do an infographic for you, I have a very good contact in Pakistan who’s prices are very reasonable, for example this one cost about $75.00

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