How to do Social Media branding in 4 Steps

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How to do Social Media branding in 4 Steps

How to do Social Media branding in 4 Steps

Thinking of taking your brand to meteoric heights but don’t know where to start? Want to gain new customers and brand advocates? Well then it’s high time you considered social media branding and its monumental effects on your business bottom line.

Social media branding is a sure fire way to augment your brand and its market position. Whether you are a corporate firm, a fledgling startup or even a non-profit concern, social media can and has proven its utility in spreading your brand message far and wide. Social media is a chance to tell who you are and how people identify and interact with you is mostly based on that. That is social media’s biggest strength, connecting people and brands directly.

Since brand reputations need to be managed judiciously, there is a need to find that perfect semblance of personality and brand image that works for social media masses.

And with that, here are 5 tips to get you started on social media branding:

1. A Blog – get started with one and furnish content that people want to read.

Content is the lifeblood of today’s knowledge economy. Without it people would be staring at a very barren internet indeed. Content here denotes images, text, animations, videos, social media statuses and more.

The key is to develop content that’s niche and original. One that is done, you need to keep that steady stream of fresh content coming. This content, when combined with social media branding is bound to find the right people. And when it does, you’ll be left astounded at the people who continue to join your social media page.

2. it’s all About the Value

Ask yourself this, does the content provide any tangible value to the consumer? If no, then its time to think out of box. One idea is to look at what your competition is doing. But rather than emulate their approach, see if there are any rooms for improvements there. This can help you out in terms of uniqueness and originality.

3. Networking is the Game

Get the word of your social media branding out on specialty sites like LinkedIn. This professional side of social media helps to fill out the missing gaps in traffic. People with more influence, more followers; think what will happen to your social media engagement levels if one of these people were to endorse your brand? That’s because reputations matter. So make sure you don’t forget to put your logo, company information, contact info and more on specialist social sites. That’ll make easier for more people to reach out to you.

4. Logo – leave that front and center on social media sites

People don’t want to interact with nameless, faceless entities. They want to connect with something that looks attractive, sounds genuine, fosters credibility and offers value to them. The best way to accomplish is to put your logo out there. Make yourself known. Put it on your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc. AS a bonus, you should also create a custom-branded background that keeps in tune with your logo.

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  1. Avatar of Andre JankowitzAndre Jankowitz

    Wholeheartedly agree. Perhaps one thing I would add to point #1 is that you want to be adding fresh content on a regular basis, three to five times per week is ideal, but if you find that is too much, then at least aim for posting some fresh content once a week.

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