Improved Employability Insights for Graduates

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Improved Employability Insights for Graduates

Employability Insights – “Nearly 40 per cent of graduates are looking for work six months after graduation, while a quarter are still unemployed after a year, according to new research.” Hussein Kesvani graduated from the University of York. See Improved Employability Insights for Graduates full article here.

Employability Insights Infographic

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Improved Employability


The Purpose of this employability insights infographic is to demonstrate the benefits of Graduates using as a means of improving their employability. The core message being encapsulated within the Value Proposition, set out below.

Section 1: Value Proposition

1. Problem Statement: Need to assist graduates in creating a key differentiator which directly contributes towards their employability
101 Solution: Register as a Graduate Insight Affiliate, engage with other members, comment on and socially share existing content across social networks and earn Insight Points, a key differentiator in securing a new job.

2. Problem Statement: Difficult for recruiters to screen graduates based on content from their CVs and cover letters, as these sources do not explicitly expose the applicant’s intangible qualities in a comparative format.
101 Solution: Employability insights of the 101 Business Insight Score reflects numerous intangible qualities which enables recruiters to select and compare candidates based on a single metric.

3. Problem Statement: Once a graduate has secured a new job, they have no incentive to maintain a high level of employability, should the need arise.
101 Solution: 101 Business Insight members are incentivised to continuously develop their employability insights Score as a long-term means of creating a distinctive key differentiator in the market place.

Section 2: 101 Business Insights

1. 101 Business Insights – The go-to portal for multi-disciplinary Business Insights and Solutions
2. Single Portal – One interface with 1000’s of Business Insights spanning multiple disciplines
3. Business Insights – Holistic Insights to Business Problems as opposed to traditional silo based solutions

Section 3: 101 Business Insights Community

1. Members
2. Insight Affiliates
3. Graduate Insight Affiliates
4. Affiliate Authors
5. Business Specialists
6. Solution Providers

Section 4: Key Benefits

1. Graduates – Graduates are approved to publish Insights under their own name
2. On-line Profile – Create and manage Insight Profiles
3. Activity – Engage with fellow members, join existing teams or start your own
4. Newsletters –Select topics of interest to be emailed to you from our live feeds
5. Advanced Search – Search our database by: Business Discipline, Applies to, Skill Level, Relevance and much more…
6. Social Sharing – Get rewarded for socially sharing content
7. Commenting – Comment on discussions and get rewarded with Insight Points
8. Sharing Insights – Share your own Insights, get feedback and earn Insight Points
9. Key Differentiator – Your employability insights portfolio is yours to keep and continue building, a key differentiator in the job market

Section 5: Insight Points & Ranks

1. Portfolio – The more you engage, the quicker you build your on-line portfolio and earn Insight Points for both yourself and your teams
2. Insight Rank – Most Graduate Insight Affiliates start with a rank of ‘Advanced’ and can quickly progress through the ranks to Expert, Specialist and finally Guru. An excellent means of out-ranking your peers.
3. Insight Stars – Accumulate Insight Stars for every Business Discipline with more than 1,000 points and be recognized for your breadth of knowledge.
4. Insight $’s – Insight Points map to Insight $’s which can be used to purchase consulting services, courses, coaching sessions and much more
5. Consulting – Once you attain the rank of Specialist, you can offer consulting services to other members in exchange for Insight $’s
6. Teams – Leverage off the team structure to expand your influence and be able to tender for bigger projects that require specialist knowledge in multiple business disciplines
7. Cash-in – Cash-in your Insight $ for real cash dividends or accumulate to purchase services from fellow members.

Section 7: Business Disciplines

Business Advisory, Business Analytics, Business Tools, Career Development, Change Management, Creating Leverage, Creativity & Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Entrepreneurship, Future Ideas, Internet Security, Knowledge, Technology & Culture, Leadership, Marketing, NLP – Success Coaching, Performance Management, Personal Finance & Investments, Sales, Social Media, Strategy, Systems Thinking

Section 8: Call to Action

Register: Register now as a Graduate Insight Affiliate to unlock your employability insights Score and build your competitive advantage. Best of all it’s free!

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