Power Teams – Transforming the way you interact

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Power Teams – Transforming the way you interact

Being part of or creating a Power Teams enables you to collaborate with other members to achieve extraordinary results. Check out the following power teams info graphic for the full lowdown.

Power Teams Infographic

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Power Teams


The Purpose of this infographic is to demonstrate the benefits of Insight Teams on www.101BusinessInsights.info as a means of creating unique pockets of competency. The core message being encapsulated within the Value Proposition, set out below.

Section 1: Value Proposition

  •  Problem Statement: Individuals tend to specialise in one or two business disciplines and generally lack a breadth of knowledge across multiple business disciplines
  • 101 Solution: 101 Business Insights provides individuals with a multi-disciplinary portal from which they can synthesise business insights as they develop and expand their competencies into new business disciplines
  •  Problem Statement: Many projects are just too big for individuals to handle and require a collaborative effort from teams of specialists across multiple business disciplines
  • 101 Solution: Any member can form their own team or request to join an existing team in order to leverage off the combined skills and expertise of the team
  •  Problem Statement: Difficult to assemble teams of specialists spanning multiple disciplines as we tend to only network with like-mined people (similar business disciplines)
  • 101 Solution: The Advanced Search feature enables you to find members with a certain Insight Rank and who have a specific hard or soft competence in a given business discipline

Section 2: 101 Business Insights

  1.  101 Business Insights – The go-to portal for multi-disciplinary Business Insights and Solutions
  2. Single Portal – One interface with 1000’s of Business Insights spanning multiple disciplines
  3. Business Insights – Holistic Insights to Business Problems as opposed to traditional silo based solutions

Section 3: Team Dynamics

  1. New Teams – Anyone can start a team (Team Admin) and a team can have multiple Team Admins
  2. Define your Team – Give your team a name and define its core purpose
  3. Invite Friends – Invite friends who have the required skillset to join your team
  4. Join Teams – Find a team you like, request permission to join from the team admin
  5. Net-weaving – A focus on adding value, as opposed to networking, which has a focus on extracting value.

Section 4: Power of Teams

  1. Power Teams – Just like Individuals, Teams also have Insight Points, Ranks and Stars but it’s far more than the sum of the parts!
  2. Team Points – A Team’s Points reflect the average of its members, which makes it easier for teams to advance to the next Insight Rank
  3. Team Stars – The number of Insight Stars a team has is based on the number of unique Stars of its members
  4. Team Consulting – Enhance the unique competencies of your team to win challenging contracts
  5. Superstar Teams – Teams whose members have an Insight Rank of either Specialist or Guru

Section 5: Business Disciplines

Business Advisory, Business Analytics, Business Tools, Career Development, Change Management, Creating Leverage, Creativity & Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Entrepreneurship, Future Ideas, Internet Security, Knowledge, Technology & Culture, Leadership, Marketing, NLP – Success Coaching, Performance Management, Personal Finance & Investments, Sales, Social Media, Strategy, Systems Thinking

Section 6: Call to Action

Register: Start your own team or join an existing one to discover first-hand the power Teams where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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4 thoughts on “Power Teams – Transforming the way you interact

  1. Avatar of Oren SimonOren Simon

    “We are smarter than Me” is a truism – it starts with smaller teams where individual talents collaborate to achieve a common goal and scales up to tapping the KNOW of masses in crowdsourcing opinions of your audiences

  2. Avatar of Peter BondPeter Bond

    I’m not clear from this about how to start a power team. I’d like to start one.


  3. Avatar of Alok PalAlok Pal

    I want to start a group, like Master key system.
    This is based on science ,like Law of gravity- Always Work without fail.
    This can be applied to ENTREPRENEURSHIP/ Business Success, Personal work-life balance, Health success, Relationship Success.

    1. Avatar of Andre JankowitzAndre Jankowitz Post author

      Hi Alok,
      Sounds interesting indeed.
      Creating a Power Team is really easy. Select MEMBERS from the left menu, then choose TEAMS.
      In the Headline for the TEAMS page you will see a button labelled ‘CREATE A TEAM’ Simply click on this button and complete the form.
      I’m looking forward to receiving an invite to join the team.

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