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101 Business Insights Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of business specialists, that provide solutions to you, driven by our experience and insights. Because solutions distilled from teams of specialists working together are richer, created faster and are more effective.


To be the go-to online platform for people seeking solutions to their business challenges.


Generosity of spirit, strong interconnectedness, and holistic problem solving.

Dawn of a New Economy

We are in the process of creating a new economy, see our vision and manifesto here www.myeconomy.org

Business Definition

We help people solve business problems through a synthesis of insights across multiple disciplines.

Global Presence

Business Disciplines


Specialist – View LinkedIn Profile

Cog+Business Advisory Mark Borkowski – Toronto, Canada
Cog+Business Analytics Steve Adams – London, United Kingdom
Cog+Business Tools Pat Divilly – Dublin, Ireland
101_Logo_Favicon   Business Support1 Andre Jankowitz  -Zurich, Switzerland (CEO)
Doug Breitbart – New York, USA (Legal Counsel)
Harry Charlton – Brisbane, Australia (CFO)
Joe Rutland – Arizona, USA (Executive Editor)
Joy McCann – Los Angeles, USA (Editor-in-Chief)

Damon Mackey – Tokyo, Japan (MBA Channel Partner)
Ana Ortega – Zurich (Personal Growth Coaching Partner)
David Willden – Utah, USA (Author Channel Partner)
Danny Teal –  Saint Petersburg, Russia (International Affairs Channel Partner)
Jonada Gjoni – Business Development Manger
Maya Mendoza – Glasgow, UK (Expert Authority Builder)

Cog+Career Development Rich Feller – Fort Collins, USA
Cog+Change Management Gildas Andre – London, United Kingdom
Cog+Creativity and Innovation Amy Frazier  – Seattle, USA
Cog+Creating Leverage Rob Pilz – Vancouver, Canada Area
Cog+Crowdsourcing Oren Simon – Tel-Aviv, Israel
Cog+Entrepreneurship Christine McDougallBrisbane, Australia
Cog+Future Ideas Peter Bishop – Houston, Texas, USA
Cog+Internet Security Chris Pay  – Seven Oaks, United Kingdom
Cog+Knowledge Technology and Culture Peter Bond – Chester, United Kingdom
Cog+Leadership Herb Rubenstein – New York, USA
Cog+Marketing Marek Lis – New York, USA
Steve Meyring – Manchester, United Kingdom
Cog+NLP - Success Coaching Maya Mendoza – Glasgow, UK
Cog+Performance Management Alfs Raudis – Riga, Latvia
Cog+Personal Finance and Investments Deborah Price – San Fancisco, USA
Cog+Sales Gianluigi Olivari – Milan Area, Italy
Cog+Social Media Leanne Peard – Cairns, Australia
Cog+Strategy Stephen Pitt-Walker  – Sydney, Australia

Emilio Ganora – Turin, Italy

Cog+Systems Thinking Fabian Szulanski – Buenos Aires, Argentina


We have 7 Score Work-Streams, each with a dedicated focus to helping you SCORE BIG:

Here is a full list of all our work-streams:

1. SCORE Resources, the Start-up Community providing Online Resources for Entrepreneurs

Discover distilled nuggets published by our resident team of specialists spanning over 1,000 posts and 200 videos. What’s your entrepreneur persona? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses and how to unlock your earning potential by understanding your Money Archetypes?


2. SCORE Courses, Start-up Courses in Operational Readiness for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re just starting out, or have a well-established business, you’ll be able to benefit from our comprehensive training program for Start-ups. Spanning 12 Modules across the five core stages of a Start-up. Choose the module that’s relevant to you now, no need to start at the beginning or complete all modules.


3. SCORE Coaching, Success Coaching for Opportunities through our Relational Ecosystem

All our coaches are seasoned entrepreneurs with specialities spanning 21 business disciplines. Whether you’re looking for a Strategy expert or a Social Media Guru, you’re sure to find the right talent. Best of all, you can pay with Insight Dollars, our virtual currency.


4. SCORE Exchange, the Support Centre for Online Resource Excellence

Our Biz Diagnostic Quiz comprises 35 Objectives every entrepreneur should master, complemented by an extensive toolkit to ensure your success. As a member you can add your own resources to the exchange and make the toolkit even better!


5. SCORE Marketing, the Small-business Community generating Online Revenue for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re looking for products or services to buy or have some you would like to sell, our Marketplace is well worth a visit. Best of all you can pay with Insight Dollars our Virtual Currency.


6. SCORE Economy, a Selfless Community creating Opportunities from under-utilized Resources for Everyone

Imagine an economy where human value and generosity of spiritis more important than economic gain. Now with that in mind, just think how much more we could accomplish if we had an economy that eliminates inefficiency of under-utilized resources as opposed to ‘building warehouses’ to stockpile them? Use our Virtual Currency to buy Products and Services from other members, saving your cash for salaries and other important things.


7. SCORE Company, a Swiss Company Offering Reward-based Equity

Wouldn’t you prefer to join a company that is owned by the individual members in proportion to their contribution, rather than one that exploits the masses for the benefit of a few. Join thousands of entrepreneurs just like you and be part of a dynamic vibrant community that is rewarded with equity in the company.


So what’s you score?

Join now to find out how to make starting and running your business fun. Score Insight Points, progress through the ranks and earn Insight Dollars as you learn and share with others.

Welcome to 101 Business Insights Group.

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