Trim the Fat Off Your Website Content

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Trim the Fat Off Your Website Content

Trim the Fat Off Your Website Content

The digital world changes with every passing day and you got to have enough room for experimentation. This is the reason why you should prune your content on a regular basis. The value of the content goes down every single day and there is nothing you can do about it. You can do a lot to lower the rate of depreciation, but cannot stop it anyway.

Trim the Fat Off Your Website Content

Pruning the content will not only help in optimising your site but it will also have positive impact on digital marketing. In order to have an effective inbound marketing and content strategy and offer amazing user experiences, you need to have content that is fresh and unique.

Why should you trim down your content?

Periodic trimming of content is necessary to improve the Google rankings. Replacement of broken links and trimming outdated content should be part of your digital strategy to maintain your position on SERPs. Undervalued content can have adverse effects on the search engine rankings, so even if content pruning is tedious and stressful, you must do it on a regular basis. Some benefits of content pruning are:

  • Provides clear description of your content for the clients and stakeholders.
  • It allows you to identify potential gaps and opportunities in terms of user needs and competition.
  • Trimming content will help in search engine optimisation

Ultimately, the success of digital marketing depends on how much value and information the content offers to the users. Revising and revamping underperforming content is the key to attracting more online customers.

How do you revise underperforming content?

Firstly you need to get familiar with the existing content and create a content inventory. Secondly you need to identify the most valuable content. Since only valuable content can bring in more customers, creating unique, interesting and informative content should be part of your content strategy. Here are some factors that you should keep in mind when evaluating content:

  • Identify your target audience and create content according to their specific needs and requirements.
  • The content should offer reliable insights, should link to other valuable resources and should focus on a single topic.
  • Use Google Analytics to evaluate which content is appreciated by the users and which does not. If you come across an old content still offers value to the visitors, you can repurpose it to make it more updated.
  • The content should be able to communicate with the target audience. Choose words carefully and have the right tone.

In short, retain content that is accurate, informative and relevant. You may need to repurpose it in order to make it more relevant, useful and valuable for the audience. It should cater to the fast changing user behaviours.

Redundancy and duplication occurs for a number of reasons; the major reason being lack of regular trimming of content. Outdated content can severely harm your credibility. So you either have to update the content or get rid of it right away. Consider each piece of content and determine whether it is still offers value today or not. If it does not, just remove it without a second thought. But remember you just can’t remove a page from your website; you have the following options if you want to remove content:

  • Delete a page and redirect it to a relevant page, so that the search engine bots know you did a redirect.
  • Rewrite the content on the outdated page and wait till it gets indexed. This is by far the best option.
  • Delete the page and put a 404 error message for the search engine bots. This is not very useful, so this should be the last option to consider.

It is very important that you take the right decisions before uploading the content and during the content trimming sessions. Apart from making your website look cleaner and fresher, it helps a lot in maintaining credibility and has positive impacts on your digital and content marketing efforts.

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