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Results-oriented leader with extensive global experience and a proven ability to drive revenue growth with innovative business strategies. Continuously improves performance and core business processes, streamlining workflows and delivering new capabilities. Turns underperforming operations around. Skilfully manages all facets of operations, driving profitable growth under challenging circumstances. Motivates staff, delivering results through improved individual performance. Andre has an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and is currently finalizing his PhD in Finance through the Swiss Management Center in Vervey.

Online Privacy

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10 Biggest Cyber Crimes and Data Breaches Till Date

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Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated at picking our virtual pockets. And most of us remain woefully unprepared.

According to a 2016 survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, organizations rank cybercrime as the second most reported type of economic crime, up from fourth place. (It’s worth noting that most cybercrimes go unreported.)

In the survey, 32 percent of organizations admitted they had been a victim of cybercrime and 34 percent expected to become a victim in the next two years. Only 37 percent had a plan to respond to these incidents.

Such stats indicate widespread denial in the face of a growing problem. Online crime has way beyond teenage hackers pushing boundaries and into elaborate worldwide syndicates that are well organized and use sophisticated tools. They steal personal data, passwords and other information, then use it to blackmail businesses or scam consumers. Or they might sell it on the black market, where others can use it to steal identities and run up credit card charges.

Here are 10 of the most notable cybercrimes, either by size or significance. They illustrate the growing threat to businesses, consumers and governments.

Rarely a week goes by without news of another data breach at another corporation. And cyber thieves are taking different types of data and doing more things with them.

Infographic: 10 Biggest Cyber Crimes and Data Breaches




Launch of the 101 Business Insights eShop

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It’s Christmas! Need Some Gift Ideas?

With Christmas less than a month away, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to buy for family and friends.

This year, about 137.4 million Americans are expected to head out and participate in the Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. Traditionally, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest U.S. shopping days, with customers splashing billions in cash to kick off the holiday shopping season.

This year, apparel tops the list of items in demand. According to research from Nielsen, 61 percent of U.S. consumers are planning to purchase some form of apparel item this year. Consumer electronics and video games are also hot properties this year, with 56 and 43 percent of customers respectively planning to purchase them.


First off, if you haven’t already seen, I would highly recommend you take a peep and browse around, you’re sure to find some amazing items at unbelievable prices.

I’ve just bought 6 gifts for $48.45, of which $17.00 was for postage! Take a look at some of these amazing gifts!

Gift 1: Digital wrist Blood Pressure monitor


Gift 2: Cufflinks


Gift 3: Pearl Pendant


Gift 4: Bluetooth Earphones


Gift 5: Noise Cancelling Earphones


Gift 6: 10 Meter 100 LED Fairy Lights!


It’s the first time I’m buying from, so I’m not sure of the quality. Once I’ve received the items I’ll add my comment below, so if you want to keep updated, add your own comment below and be sure to set your preferences to send updates with new comments.

What about the Gift of Learning?

Here are some online courses you can buy from our MarketPlace and pay with your Insight Dollars (our loyalty currency)


My Gift to You

From myself and the team at 101 Business Insights, I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Please accept this $40.00 gift voucher to use for yourself or pass it onto a friend.

Gift Voucher - $40

Merry Christmas!

Before You Build Your New Website…

Every entrepreneur knows they need a website to promote and showcase their products and services.

Build It And They Will Come!

This seems to be the general mind-set of almost all entrepreneurs starting out.  However, it’s only after their new website has been launched that the reality sets in. Apart from family and friends no one cares and no one VISITS.

Don’t feel bad, this happens to EVERYONE and this is why. Take a look at what happens EVERY 60 seconds on the Internet.

Qmee Online in 60 Seconds Infographic

Did you notice that there are 571 new websites created every minute?

This translates into 34K per hour, 822K per day or 24M per month being added to the already 1 billion website already there!

There Are Many Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site

1. Social

social media

Indeed, there are many ways you can get traffic to your website. Simply share your web address with family and friends and across your social media accounts. This is good for an initial launch but realistically, you’ll be very disappointed by the results. Why? well when was the last time you responded to this method to visit someone’s website? And, did you ever go back a second time?

2. Advertise

SEM - Search Engine Marketing - with an arrow pointing up

Alternatively, you could create ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, Bing or any other platform, but be prepared to spend upwards of $5 per click depending on your choice of keyword. Whilst this is a sure way of driving traffic to your site, it’s amazing how quickly you can blow $100.

3. Organic


Saving the best for last, organic keyword searches are most certainly the holy grail. Indeed, this is the best kind of traffic because it’s FREE, but let’s face it, everyone knows that and everybody wants it. So how can you claim your share of the organic search traffic?

Without getting technical, let’s review how Search Engines decide which websites are relevant, because if they get it wrong, they’re out of business like Altavista, Excite and Aliweb, but if they get it right like Google, Bing and Yahoo, they can become the kings of the world.

It all comes down to your website being authentic and congruent with your keywords. There’s no room for error, sleight of hand or fancy maneuvers, unless you genuinely deliver on your keyword promise, you will simply not feature.

There is too much at stake and the days of tricking the Search Engines in to believing that your site is the most relevant are over! You simply have to be the MOST relevant, there is no alternative.

If you want that organic traffic you will have to be laser focused on appealing to users searching for very specific key terms. Each of which will have to be tightly integrated into the DNA of your website. You will have to convince the mighty Search Engines that your site is truly the most relevant for those keywords. In essence, it all comes down to a well crafted message built around laser focused keywords which have been tightly integrated into the design fabric of your website. And only then, will you stand a chance of being noticed by the search engines.


So before you jump in head first into your web design project, pause. Take a  moment (in reality a week or two) to do your keyword research and then figure out how  you will weave these keywords into the very DNA of your website. And only then are you ready to start designing your website.

Need Help?


If you would like help with this process and someone to guide you through the many critical success factors that can either make or break the success of your new website, contact me and lets chat.

Our areas of speciality include:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO optimisation
  • Off-Page SEO campaigns
  • Custom design and integration of keywords into the website
  • Designing compelling engagement
  • Designing and structuring lead magnets
  • Setting up advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and Linkedin
  • Integrating Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to provide a vital feedback loop for enhancements
  • And of course, website design.

For a free consultation, choose a timeslot in my online calendar and let’s chat. Andre

Excel Based Tools To Get You Started

Business Plan Excel – Checklist With SWOT Analysis

Breakeven Analysis With Charts

Website Budget Template


What makes one person thrive financially while another continually struggles?

Many people are unaware of hidden money patterns and behaviors that negatively impact their lives. You witness this every day.
You see smart, well meaning clients who never implement their financial plans; professionals with high salaries who are mired in debt yet keep spending; loving couples whose marriages are threatened by financial upheaval.

Join us for the Last Webinar of 2016MCIWebinar22Nov2

1. What Money Coaching Is

A new field that bridges two worlds – the financial services industry and the field of coaching – It enables you to help clients stop unconsciously sabotaging their own well-being and begin to thrive.

2. How Money Coaching Works

Money Coaching is a step-by-step process that gently uncovers unconscious beliefs and patterns that create stress, anxiety, fear and financial self sabotage. Through it, people transform their relationship with money and are freed up to lead more purposeful and prosperous lives.

3. How our training benefits you

It’s frustrating and disappointing when clients don’t follow through on the expert advice you give them. It’s a lost opportunity for you both. Our Certified Money Coach (CMC) training gives you an extra edge in your profession by teaching you the tools you need to help clients overcome their unconscious roadblocks to financial well-being..

4. The 8 Money Types

By understanding your unconscious feelings and beliefs about money, you will be more conscious of your habitual money behaviors and better prepared to change them when they occur. Take the Money Quiz to see which Money Archetype is running you.

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A deeper look in to the mechanics of occultism and how that relates to the election of Donald Trump.

Published by: Secret Energy – Open Source Spirituality

Entrepreneurship – What’s it all about?

Created by DealSunny

World’s Largest 3D Printer Makes Almost Zero-Cost Homes Out of Mud

With more and more people needing housing around the world, it’s hard to imagine a solution that’s low-cost, environmentally friendly, and easy to build. But now with the world’s largest 3D-printer, anything is possible. style=”display:inline-block;width:300px;height:250px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-8420654331411867″ data-ad-slot=”1313712966″> The WASP – also known as the World’s Advanced Saving Project – is 3D-printing full-sized homes out of mud… Continue reading

Verizon Buys Sensity for Its Burgeoning Smart City Business

Everyone wants a piece of smart city revenue—if it ever materializes. Verizon is the latest major player to make a push into the very nascent smart cities market with its acquisition of LED networking startup Sensity Systems. Sensity has raised a total of $74 million. Investors include Cisco Investment,Acuity Brands, GE Ventures, Simon Venture Group, Almaz… Continue reading



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